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Physical Health

Make sure you are in good physical health on the day of your tattoo. Avoid drinking alcohol or taking aspirin for at least 24 hours before your appointment as they can increase bleeding. Get a good night of sleep! 

Skin Care

Keep the skin where you will be tattooed clean and moisturized in the days leading up to your appointment. Do not apply any lotions or substances to the skin on the day of your tattoo.

Eating and Hydration

Eat a good meal before your appointment to keep your blood sugar steady. This can help you avoid feeling dizzy or fainting during the session. Stay well-hydrated. Please bring snacks and beverages to your appointment! If your appointment is long please bring a lunch.


Wear comfortable clothing that provides easy access to the area where you will be tattooed. Depending on the location of the tattoo, make sure that the clothing won't rub against it afterward. Dark clothing or something you don’t care about is recommended.  

Pain Management

Be prepared for some level of pain or discomfort. The level of pain can vary based on the tattoo’s location and your personal pain threshold. Since I have a private studio, there’s a tv for your entertainment which is an excellent distraction. You’re also welcome to bring books, music, or whatever else will help.

Numbing Cream 

You’re welcome to use numbing cream. Apply about an hour before your appointment, use a thick layer like you’re icing a cake and cover with plastic wrap. I’ll remove the cream and clean the area when you arrive. Its effectiveness and longevity differs from person to person. 


You’re welcome to shave the area either in the morning or the night before the appointment. If you’ve never shaved before please let me or someone experienced do it to avoid accidental cuts or razor burn to the area. 

Aftercare Plan

There are products you’ll need to purchase before getting tattooed. See Aftercare

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